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Excited to (e)-meet all of you after a wonderfully hectic Mother's Day weekend! My name’s Zoe (and that’s my mom in the pic!) I’m a current copywriter for JewelCandle and a full-time grad student studying film. I love small dogs, big bagels, and cheesy 90’s rom-coms. And of course, I love my Mom. My Mom is the actual coolest person in the world. Like, I know everyone says that, but mine wins (sorry!). Born and raised in Utah, she left home to study theatre directing. Eventually, she made her way to Washington DC, before New York started calling her name. She then continued to live fabulously on the Upper East Side, making theatre and running an incredibly hip champagne-and-caviar bar. She took a chance on the big ol’ British nerd who kept asking her out, and eventually they got married and I made my *star entrance*. From my babyhood to now, my mom is the person I look to for support, killer advice, and incredibly astute theatrical criticism. 

Whether we’re belting musical theatre in the car or trying out that daring new restaurant that only she knows about, my mom and I have each others’ backs. Period. One thing we also, unfortunately, share is our insane inability to relax. 

We’re driven ladies, and it can be hard to find the time to just sit back, relax, and hang out on a lazy Sunday.  This Mother's Day I used the Bella JewelCandle as a fun centerpiece for; its complex fruity and citrusy scents seem just right for my Mom. She’s sweet and generous, but has just the right amount of tart to make messing with her a VERY bad idea (something else I’ve tried to emulate). So here’s to the Moms in all of our lives - biological, chosen, or somewhere in between. May their selflessness and badassery inspire us all to be the best we can be, every day. Let’s light a candle every day in honor of that very special fire - and a bond that lasts a lifetime. 


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