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Happy humpday, JewelCandlers! (P.S., I stand by that even if this doesn’t come out on a Wednesday - any day can feel like humpday, y’know?)

It’s that time of year again - moving day approaches! For the first time in almost 3 (!) years, I am changing neighborhoods and makin’ moves. In fact, I’m moving boroughs for the first time in over 9 years, and that in and of itself has me feeling both extra-stressed AND extra-hype. As an instinctive nester, I am fully ready to start spreading out and getting comfortable - but the actual process of changing house can be a lot.

I’ve been burning the Cozy & Lazy candle this week while indulging in some extra home yoga and stretching. In the midst of checking my credit and hoarding paystubs, it feels more necessary than ever to take that self-care time. With my candle burning and my limbs getting limber, it feels easier to relax into the process! Speaking of nesting, I can’t wait to christen my new space with the perfect JewelCandle. I haven’t picked it out yet - I think I’m waiting to let the apartment tell me what it wants (yep, I’m totally that kind of hippie chick).

A new home feels like a new beginning, and I want to honor that sense of ceremony as much as possible. Oh, and in case you’re wondering - I’m moving in with two pretty dope roommates, for whom I’ve yet to provide any housewarming gifts! Since I don’t want to play My Favorite Person favorites yet, I’m thinkin’ one is getting an early Happy Birthday present, and the other is a TOTAL Moonlight Flower girl. Can’t wait for all the new adventures to come!

Xoxo Zoe

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