In 2012, Martin Werle (Founder),  was looking for the perfect Christmas present for his family and friends - something that was unique to give, exciting to receive and fun to use!

He couldn’t find what he was looking for and was inspired to create it himself. He designed what he thought to be the perfect gift: personal, unique, surprising and long-lasting.  JewelCandle was born.

Passionate about his idea, he started producing the first JewelCandles by himself in his shared flat in Berlin: Pouring wax, signing each quality check book, promoting it on social media and shipping each JewelCandle personally. His passion was contagious: Several years later, he has built a strong, multi-national team to spread the JewelCandle throughout the world. The JewelCandle brand came to the United States in December 2018.  To this day his promise holds true:

JewelCandle is personal and unique: every JewelCandle is hand poured in California and holds a unique 925 Sterling Silver jewel. 

JewelCandle is exciting: highly-creative products and new designs make every season different and each jewel creates a new surprise of different value.

JewelCandle is long-lasting: high quality soy wax blend candles last longer than most candles!                                                   

1. Hand poured in California with love

Every single one of our scented candles is Hand poured in California . Each JewelCandle is guaranteed to have been made with love.

2. Design

Our images for the respective scents on the glass candles are designed and hand painted by our artists. They are thus, unique and can only be found on the original JewelCandle.

3. Raw materials

In the making of your JewelCandle, only environmentally friendly raw materials are used. We use an eco-friendly soy wax blend. From lead-free wicks, all the way through to sulphur-free wax processing: The environment is very important to us! 

4. Jewelry

All our jewelry contains 92.5% pure silver! This means less of the toxic impure alloys that cause Jewelry rashes! If you have sensitive skin, 925 Sterling Silver is the way to go. Of course, we also pay meticulous attention when choosing our wonderful jewelry. In each scented candle, we guarantee you will never find cheap jewelry. Our team chooses each design very carefully, always taking into consideration the opinions of customers, like you!

5. Security

We also take every precaution available to protect your jewelry. For this reason, every piece of jewelry is packaged in a plastic bag and then put inside a heat-resistant special foil before being hidden in the scented wax.

6. Packaging

Special packaging  was developed by experts especially for your JewelCandle. This protects each of our precious scented candles during transport so that all candles and jewelry can arrive at your door looking amazing.