Jewel Candle: only the best.

Each JewelCandle is designed to make you happy. Seriously! That’s why our team places so much emphasis on quality ingredients and ethical manufacturing. And to prove that we mean what we say, here’s a glimpse into how your JewelCandle gets made:


1. Handpoured in California with love

Every single one of our scented candles is hand-crafted in California. We do not produce in low-wage countries or in sweatshops, or mass produce using machines. We can guarantee your JewelCandle was made with love.


2. Design

Each JewelCandle features a hand-painted illustration drawn by artists, ensuring your JewelCandle is completely unique.


3. Raw materials

We use only environmentally friendly raw materials in crafting our Jewel Candles. We only use a high quality soy wax blend, fragrances and cotton wicks. Everything in your Jewel Candle is as friendly to the Earth as it is to you.


4. Personal care

Each and every JewelCandle is inspected with care by a dedicated employee. You can find their signature in the small product booklet that comes with your candle.


5. Details

And to stick the landing, we make sure even our bows are hand-tied to perfection, giving your JewelCandle a classic, elegant finish.


6. Jewelry

Of course, we also take intense care in selecting the jewelry to place inside each JewelCandle. Our team works only with the highest quality materials in crafting our designs, including genuine 925 sterling silver. We also take customer feedback into account, so let us know what you want to see in a future Jewel Candle!

7. Security

We take every precaution possible in protecting your jewelry. Each piece is placed in a plastic bag, which is then meticulously encased in a heat-resistant foil before being hidden inside your candle.

8. Packaging

We also worked with experts to develop our extra-secure packaging - so we can be sure that each candle arrives at your door looking just as stunning as it did here at HQ.